Wednesday, June 22, 2011

An Announcement About An Announcement

Today there is an announcement that you can sign up to hear an announcement from VMware that will happen on July 12.  While this does seem silly, this is what everybody does these days with kinda vague invitations to hear about the next great product or thing or concept.  There really are lots of announcements about announcements. I guess that me blogging about adds even one more level.

It really reminds me of when I first realized how important it is to have small meetings before a big meeting to make sure that nobody was surprised and the big meeting went as expected.

Even though I'm having a little bit of fun about the state of affairs around these announcements, I must admit that I fall for it just about every time.  I like the anticipation of hearing about an announcement a few weeks or days before and then looking forward to what will be announced.  And that is true in this case as well, I'm looking forward to July 12th to see and hear the VMware announcement.