Tuesday, September 17, 2013

Flash Cache at Chuy's

As Kong continues his job search we found a place that was hiring for this week's episode of  So Say SMEs. Chuy's is of course the perfect place to discuss the new vSphere Flash Read Cache feature aka vFRC.

I decided to wear a vintage work shirt this week - from a company that no longer exists.  Anybody remember Altiris?

Friday, September 6, 2013

Let The TPC-VMS Benchmark Wars Begin

In the benchmark world, the Transaction Processing Performance Council (aka TPC) has long been the owners of the premier performance benchmark.  I'm referring to the TPC-C database performance benchmark where millions have been spent to prove performance excellence.

A new benchmark from TPC that is designed to focus on the performance of virtualized databases was created called TPC-VMS.  And very recently the first TPC-VMS result was published by HP using vSphere 5.5.

This means that the HP and VMware vSphere solution has the "Leadership" position for the TPC-VMS benchmark - as of right now.

What happens next will be interesting.

The first published result establishes the target for everybody else.  Will there be a bunch of publications over the coming months?  Each a little bit better.  Or will it take some time for anybody to be able to surpass this initial publication?

It is also of course possible that nobody else will ever publish a TPC-VMS result.  Sometimes new benchmarks just never get established.  If this is the case, then vSphere would hold the number one position forever.  But this isn't what we want.

Ideally the healthy competition of a benchmark fosters innovation, software and hardware improve, costs come down, and customers benefit.

Thursday, September 5, 2013

VMworld and Fantasy Football 2013

Bringing together VMworld and Fantasy football for 2013.  I also answer some of our critics with a bold statement.  We are not only about enterprise solutions and football.

Monday, August 26, 2013

ESXTOP in The Hands On Labs At VMworld 2013

I'm one of the captains for the performance module of the Hands on Labs at VMworld this year.  This means that I got to really geek out and create a new module that focuses on using esxtop.  For really in depth performance analysis on ESXi - esxtop is my favorite.  Come by the Hands On Labs in Moscone South this week take SDC-1304 Optimizing for Performance.  All of the modules are great - but my new esxtop module is number six.  Skip straight to it by using the table of contents once the lab has started.

The labs are currently only available onsite at VMworld, but will be made available through the public Hands on Labs portal at some point after the conference ends.  So if you couldn't make it to VMworld this year - don't despair, you will be able to get to the new labs in the future.

Wednesday, July 17, 2013

Software Defined Is Everywhere

Kong and I returned to So Say SMEs with this new episode about Software Defined EVERYTHING.  While the term is definitely a bit over-used right now, we talk about it anyway and use it a bit more, making it  even more over-used. Hopefully we also get the heart of what it actually means.

Kong did not send me the memo on wearing a cool Hawaiian shirt.  Maybe next time.

Friday, May 3, 2013

Do You Know Who I Am?

Just how long will it be before we get the mug shot photo?  We've all seen the celebrity mug shot after they are arrested for late night hijinx.

Once you hit the really big time your every move is followed closely.  There are twitter storms and blogs and even official news reports.  Unfortunately, it inevitably leads to an attempt to use fame to get around the norms and rules of society.

Imagine the scenario....

After a late night of hanging out at the Hands On Labs at a local VMUG, our celebrity guru blogger and author will get stopped on his way into the backstage area of the labs.  He just wants to grab a slice of the free pizza for the lab techs.  The security guy wants to see his badge.  The badge doesn't have the right color dot.

"Do You Know Who I Am?"

Unfortunately, this security guy has never installed ESX or vCenter or vCD.  He's never read about resource pools or pondered the best SRM strategy.  He just wants to see the red dot on the badge.


It even made this week's episode of So Say SMEs in Virtualization and Cloud!

Friday, April 26, 2013

Vote for Half of The Tong Show

In this week's So Say SMEs aka the Tong Show, we talked about VMworld 2013 Session Public Voting.

My sessions up for vote this year are 5591 Big Data: Virtualized SAP HANA Performance, Scalability and Best Practices and 5517 Performance In The Cloud Doesn't Matter.  Easiest way to find them is to just go to the voting site and filter on my last name - Muirhead.