Thursday, January 20, 2011

New Version of DVD Store Released

After months of work, DVD Store 2.1 has been officially released.  This new release has some really great new features designed to make it easier to use and more flexible.  DVD Store is an open source benchmark simulating an online store that Dave Jaffe and I created when I was still working at Dell.   We are continuing to support and maintain it and this new release is the proof.  In fact, DVD Store 2.1 is one  of the workloads in the new VMmark 2.0 benchmark that was just released in December.  The DVD Store supports SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases and includes data creation programs, data loading scripts, database creation scripts, and load generation programs.

The key new features in DVD Store 2.1 are the ability to create any size test database, automated build of custom size database, automated creation of driver program parameter files, improved documentation, and some other smaller things.

We are really excited to have this new release of the DVD Store published.  I'm going to write a series of blog posts over the next couple of weeks to explain the details behind the new DVD Store 2.1 features.  I would also like to thank Girish Khadke who was my intern last summer and contributed many lines of code to DVD Store 2.1.

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