Wednesday, March 7, 2012

VROOM! Performance Show Greenlighted for VMware TV

Something that I have been working to get going for a few months is starting this Friday.  The VROOM! Virtualization Performance Show from VMware TV will have it's first broadcast this Friday at noon CST (1 EST and 10am PST).  Here is the official announcement on the VMTN blog.

Each week will feature a video of a five to ten minute conversation between engineers about a performance topic.  It will be like you are at lunch with a VMware performance engineer, having a conversation about what they have been working on recently.

While the video will be available later on VMware TV, we will have a live chat and stream of the video on Fridays.  This will give you a chance to interact with the engineers from the video, asking questions and possibly poking fun of my performance on video.

The conversations are informal and supposed to be fun.  I record them in a single take and the questions and answers are not rehearsed.  We only decide the topic and general areas to cover before pressing record.

The first episode is with me talking to Josh Schnee (@jpschnee) about VMmark, which he has worked on for the past few years at VMware.


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