Tuesday, May 15, 2012

Sybase Has The Right Approach for Virtualization

Yesterday at Sapphire, SAP and VMware issued a joint press release that shows how two companies can work to together.  In this case, SAP and VMware announced a deeper and stronger relationship in a few different ways that results in customers being able to more easily run, license, and get support for Sybase databases running on VMware vSphere.

There are three major components of the announcement: Performance, Support, and Licensing.

We did some joint testing to measure performance and verify compatibility.  We had no issues with compatibility and the performance was excellent.  The performance difference between virtual and physical for a Sybase ASE database was within a small percentage on average.

Sybase does not require that problems be reproduced on a non-virtualized setup to get support.  They will support their databases running on vSphere.

There is also the ability to license Sybase based on the number of virtual CPUs being used by the VM instead of having to license for all of the processors in the physical host.  This is referred to as sub-capacity licensing.

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