Tuesday, January 15, 2013

SpamBot Gets It Write About Storage

The lengths that spammers will go through to try and get comments added to blogs has become pretty sophisticated over the years.

They started with just mass blanket efforts to put the same comment on every blog they could find.  These messages typically just contained a crass message and link to some not so credible website.

A more recent strategy was to cleverly write a generic message that could be applied to just about any blog post ever written, but to then contain a link to some not so credible website.  Something about how this is a very informative blog post and please continue to share you wisdom - link to random site that has nothing to do with anything.

They have finally progressed to the point where the spam is so targeted they actually are on topic and, at least in a recent case on my blog, topical and funny.

I recently wrote about the future of storage in a couple of blog posts, and a spammer blogged that the mini-storage units down the street were very nice and came highly recommended.  How could I have written a story about storage and not mentioned storage units?

Now if we can just figure out how to virtualize the mini storage place down the street, we can truly bring virtualization to the masses.

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