Thursday, October 21, 2010

Is This Thing Still On?

I'm tapping on the microphone.  Dust is flying off.  Individual specs picked up in the light coming in from the partially open door.  A faint thud thud.  "Is this thing still on?"

After a very long break of about 3 years, I've decided to pick up blogging here again.  I was blogging only on my work blogs (Virtualization Frontier on,Virtualization Edge on VMware communities, and VROOM! on  for the past few years, but that has become too limited.  I'll still be posting on VROOM! which is a great blog, but for things that are less formal or not directly work related I need a different blog.

So here I'm going to continue to mostly blog about virtualization, computers, and geek stuff.  This platform will provide me with better information about traffic, much more more freedom in terms of design and layout, and more flexibility in terms of tools available to post content, than what was possible on the VMware community site.


Dave Graham said...

Welcome back, Todd ;)

PrettyPokerBoy said...

You may have inspired me to dust off the old blog again. Lost a little passion for it when I had no great stories from WSOP this year. I'm ready for a geek post from you :-)

@DellServerGeek - always longing for the day when it had the 's' on the end :-)