Wednesday, November 10, 2010

No Problem with More Cores for vSphere

I read a great blog a couple of weeks ago by Brent Ozar called SQL Server Virtualization: Mo Cores, Mo Problems.  I thought that it was cool because it talked about virtualization and performance and databases and, well that's just three of my favorite things.  Only problem was that the title made it sound like it wasn't a good idea to virtualize SQL Server on a system with lots of cores.

But that's not really what the blog says when you read it.  Brent is an expert on virtualizing SQL Server and what he actually says in the blog is a more detailed discussion.  He concludes that he prefers smaller servers over larger servers for SQL Server virtualization.  Despite the title I recommend you read his blog for the discussion.

In my opinion, which I admit is biased, the title should be something along the lines of "SQL Server Virtualization: vSphere is the best hypervisor to use when you have lots of cores because it does a good job of scheduling VMs on servers with NUMA architecture."  Of course this is a bit long, but I like it overall much better.  :-)


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