Wednesday, December 1, 2010

SAP Note for Oracle on VMware Now Includes RAC

Last week SAP note 1173954 (Support for Oracle on VMware) was updated to include RAC.  You can view the SAP note directly at but you will need to have an account on the SAP site.

This update basically makes the same change in support that Oracle made with their metalink support statement for Oracle RAC on vSphere earlier this month.  It all boils down to a change in the list of prerequistes for running SAP on Oracle on vSphere.  In the previous version of the SAP note there was a bullet point that read -Only Oracle single instance, no support for Oracle RAC.  This has now been replaced with - RAC and higher.

Before only single instance Oracle was supported and now RAC or higher can be used.

So it is now supported to run SAP on Oracle RAC on vSphere (provided you follow the guidance and use the version levels called out in the SAP note and Oracle Metalink docs).


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