Friday, February 18, 2011

Everybody is Talking About Oracle RAC on vSphere

The momentum and credibility of running Oracle RAC virtualized on VMware vSphere is building and more is being published.  The most recent example is a great whitepaper by EMC that focuses on using their FAST VP Automated Tiering with a virtualized Oracle RAC on vSphere 4.1.

Because the paper is an EMC paper it naturally emphasizes their storage technology.  It's interesting that they decided to use Oracle RAC on vSphere as the stack to highlight their FAST VP.  They could have picked just about anything, but I'm guessing that they used Oracle RAC on vSphere because that's what customers are asking about right now.  This gives two reasons to check it out.  And even if you are a NetApp, EqualLogic or 3Par guy, you might still want to recommend this paper just for the Oracle RAC aspect - or maybe not - but the EMC guys will definitely like it!

I'm not going to get into the details of the paper, but it does include a physcial vs virtual comparison with a very small delta in performance.  Very interesting stuff.

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I may be biased but below is a new EMC whitepaper covering a Physical to Virtual Oracle RAC migration.

Hope you like it