Sunday, February 6, 2011

Favorite Five From Texas

After reading Scott's blog a few weeks ago about his favorite albums, I've been thinking about my own list.  I decided I couldn't do a list of albums and instead of have just decided to list my five favorite Texas musicians.  This list is not in any order.

The Eagles - The Hotel California album is great.  Don Henley is from Texas and I went to the University of North Texas which is the same university that I attended.

Norah Jones - Her distinctive voice and smooth music make it easy to listen to her songs over and over.  We have all of her albums and have them playing in the house often.  Norah Jones also is from Texas and attended UNT.

Jerry Jeff Walker - I have seen Jerry Jeff play all over Texas and I can't wait to see him again this year.  He is most known for Mr. Bojangles, which has been covered by a ton of other artists, but is really at his best on songs like Sangria WineLondon Home Sick Blues, LA Freeway, and Contrary to Ordinary.  Jerry isn't from Texas, but has lived in Austin for over 30 years and much of his music is about Texas.

Stevie Ray Vaughn - The best blues guitarist of all time is from Austin where there is a statue of him near downtown on Lake Ladybird.  His song Texas Flood is a great example of what his music is all about.

Willie Nelson - Willie is one of the greatest song writers and performers over the past 50 years.  I got to meet Willie at a radio station here in Austin about 8 years ago and saw him perform Angel Flying Too Close To The Ground in a very small room.  Willie is simply incredible and has more great songs than I can link to.

You might be able to argue that there are others that deserve to be on the list, there are several more that I wanted to include, but you would have to agree that all of these are pretty good.

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