Friday, August 26, 2011

Getting Started with VSA

If you are going to be at VMworld this year, please come to the session I'm presenting with Edward Hsu on VSA.  We are to cover some basics and some in-depth goodies.  If you thinking about using VSA, this session will help you to understand exactly what VSA is and some details to help you understand how to deploy and manage it.  It is on Monday at 12:30 in Palazzo Ballroom G - VSP3299.

Here's a very fast overview of VSA:  It stands for vSphere Storage Appliance.  It takes the local disks on two or three vSphere 5 hosts and creates a "virtual SAN".  This virtual SAN enables all the advanced featrues of vSphere - vMotion, DRS, HA - to be possible with only local storage.

I've done lots of testing with it over the past four months and now that the product is finished, I can start talking about.  This session at VMworld is the starting point and it will be followed by a whitepaper and several blog articles.


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