Thursday, September 8, 2011

Up to Speed with vFabric Data Director

When I read the press release announcing VMware vFabric Data Director, I wasn't sure this was what we had called project Aurora internally until I read paragraph eight.  It was at this point in the press release that we get into enough technical specifics that I could be sure.

This made me fear that the coolness of this new database from VMware would get lost.  This was most certainly was not the case.  Chad Sakac wrote  a great post giving some of the background around project Aurora and lots on exactly why this is such a powerful new capability.  Brent Ozar's post was from a completely different angle than you would expect (or maybe you would if you've seen him in his kilt at PASS) and first describes it as a new feature of Microsoft SQL Server Denali.  Scott Drummonds wrote another great post that I think puts the new VMware database into perspective for the database market.

The common thread among all of this is that the new vFabric Data Director is a new approach to using databases.  It opens up new ways to manage and use databases in a more cloud or service oriented way.  If you missed it from the initial announcement or it didn't make it onto your radar screen due to all of the other stuff going on during VMworld, a good way to get up to speed is to read these blog posts.


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