Friday, September 9, 2011

A Small Part in 1 Million IOPS

VMware demonstrated the impressive storage I/O capabilities of vSphere 5 recently when a single host achieved 1 MILLION IOPS.  We can do a whole bunch of IOPS - which is really cool.  This is way more IOPS than just about any workload needs and demonstrates that storage throughput is not a problem for vSphere.

I had a small part to play in this effort. I got an email in June asking if I had a large server that I could loan out for a few weeks.  It turned out that I did have a four socket server with 512GB of RAM that we had already purchased, and had shipped, but had not yet arrived.  So as soon as it arrived at our lab, I had it immediately shipped right back out to an EMC lab the same day.  They had a deadline of just a few weeks to get everything done.

Three weeks later I got an email that it was ready to ship back, I provided our address and received the 1 million IOPS server back in my lab another week later.  I'm now using this famous 1 million IOPS server for some other tests and it will reappear in future blogs and white papers.  It kinda feels like working with a rockstar.


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