Thursday, April 26, 2012

Exciting NUMA Performance Information

I got the opportunity to speak at the Dell Tech Center Users Group today.  They even let me pick the topic.  So I wanted something that would be really interesting and exciting.  I ended up picking a topic that I love to talk about - NUMA Performance.

The only problem was that I needed a way to make it exciting.  I basically covered a lot the same information that I covered in my earlier blog post on this topic.  This included how effective vSphere is with managing VMs with respect to NUMA and how vSphere 5 has vNUMA so that even large monster VMs can benefit from NUMA.

While that was pretty exciting, I added a section at the end where I covered two specific case studies.  These were examples of how I had used NUMA and vNUMA to reach excellent performance with an SAP workload and a large Oracle RAC workload.

Again, I felt that this was pretty exciting stuff.  But something was missing.  And then I had it.  Just say it in the title of the talk - Exciting NUMA Performance Information: TechTalk and Discussion.

It was a fun talk and I even got a few questions along the way. Thanks to everybody who came out.


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