Sunday, April 15, 2012

When Worlds Collide

My oldest son has Type-1 Diabetes.  It's an honor to  have become an expert in Diabetes over the past two years.  I spend a lot of time learning how to better care for him, what new products are going to be released soon, and what the most current research is finding.  I'm also active in our local JDRF chapter, whose mission is to find a cure for Type-1 diabetes.

I'm also a virtualization geek who works at VMware and thinks about clouds most of the day.  Which is what this blog is mostly about.

So it was very cool to see these two worlds come together recently when the JDRF moved it's donor management system into the cloud.  They see a compelling value of having applications cloud based and so have moved this aspect of their business onto a cloud based application.

I'm personally excited to see that the JDRF will be able to spend more of it's time and resources on it mission and less time on managing their IT infrastructure.

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