Friday, December 16, 2011

DVD Store Adds Support for vPostgres and PostgreSQL

I am excited to announce that we have added support for the vPostgres and PostgreSQL databases to the DVD Store.  The DVD Store is an open source database test kit that was developed and is maintained by Dave Jaffe and myself.  It includes everything needed to create the DVD Store database and drive a workload against it.  This includes database build and load scripts, programs to create the load data, sample load data, client driver programs, and web tier applications.  See Dave's video for a detailed look at how to get everything installed and working.

Since the initial release of the DVD Store, in 2005, we have supported SQL Server, Oracle, and MySQL databases.  Last year we did a major enhancement that allows for the easy creation of any size test database, ability to drive multiple VMs from a single driver program, and an easy to use script that steps through things.

The release of support for PostgreSQL and vPostgres now expands the support to a new database type.  By adding support for PostgreSQL we also get support for vPostgres which is part of VMware vFabric Data Director.  This is VMware's new Database as a Service (DAAS) offering and you will now be able to use the DVD Store test application to try it out and put it under stress.

I would like to thank Jignesh Shah for his extensive contributions in getting this new PostgreSQL version completed and released.

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