Wednesday, December 28, 2011

An Intro So Say SMEs

At the end of 2011 I started participating in a video series called So Say SMEs with Kong Yang, who I've done lots of stuff with in the past.  The idea is to do an unscripted five to ten minute video that focuses on a single topic.  We are keeping it casual and fun but still trying to cover some key ideas for each topic.
We started off with a quick discussion of cloud and virtualization in episode 1. Please note that Kong is very fond of the word absolutely

In episodes 2 and 3 we covered high availability with virtualization.  Episode 2 was about the options available with VMware to do different aspects of high availability and Episode 3 covered some application / OS level stuff.  I finally remembered to wear a VMware shirt in episode 3.

 In our final episode for 2011 we each picked three predictions for 2012.  Kong accidentally introduces it as episode 5, even though it is actually only episode 4.  We are like George Lucas and release episodes out of order.

Looking forward to having lots of fun with this series next in year. 


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