Tuesday, August 28, 2012

End of vRAM Licensing and Beginning of vCloud Suite - VMworld 2012 Day 1

Short summary of VMworld day one.

We're sorry about that vRAM licensing thing and we are going back to "regular" licensing.  

It is now much easier to and simpler to get and use our products together with vCloud Suite.

VMworld sessions fill up fast, so show up early.  There are a lot of people here.

The social media surrounding the event and embedded into the event continues to get better every year.  The VMworld android app is much better than previous years.  The socialcast VMworld 2012 app is very cool. Tweetups and Tweetvites and the way that events are organized.

Overall, everyone I've talked to has been impressed with new CEO for VMware Pat Gelsinger.  I thought it pretty impressive that after only a few weeks on the job he was able to get up in front of all his new customers and talk about things in fairly compreshensive manner.

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